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Six Facts about churchillGroup

1. What is ChurchillGroup?
ChurchillGroup consists of me, Clark L. Murray, and three assistants who provide me with staff support. I moderate all of the focus groups, conduct all of the interviews, and write every word of every report.

2. Qualitative Specialist
I do qualitative research only. ChurchillGroup is NOT and does not pretend to be another “full-service” marketing research firm.

3. Consumer And B2B
I do both, recognizing the unique requirements of each.

4. Procurement Department Friendly
I know how to control or even reduce your qualitative marketing research costs.

5. Plays Nicely With Others
Most of my work is for client companies directly. However, I also work as a subcontractor to marketing agencies, consultants, and quantitative research firms.

6. Lifetime Service Promise
I offer no-fee followup on every study I conduct. Please ask me for details.

The Clark L. Murray Difference

presspass-iconJournalistic Approach
I have an M.A. in Journalism and was awarded a Kiplinger Foundation Fellowship for Investigative and Public Affairs Reporting. I began my career as an on-air news reporter for leading NBC television and NPR radio stations. I know how to ask questions. I know how to organize the research output into a tight, coherent story that is easily understood and remembered. I know how to deliver under tight deadlines.

head Creative Interviewing Techniques
I engage respondents in strategically-designed conversations to extract more and deeper learning. My techniques allow respondents to be more open, more honest, and more specific. My techniques prompt respondents to reveal insights that would otherwise remain hidden. My techniques deliver learning that is new and fresh and not just a repeat of what you already know.

breifcase-iconBusiness and Marketing Understanding
My background includes serving as Director of Brand Marketing, New Products, and Strategy for Kraft Foods. I received the Chairman’s award for leadership of the billion-dollar Oscar Mayer Lunchables business. I “get” how the focus groups we are conducting link to the business and marketing decisions we need to make. I understand the needs and expectations of large, complex, sophisticated client companies.